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Luther Forest Technology Campus Trails

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Technology Campus Green Space
The green space component of the Luther Forest Technology Campus creates a campus setting to provide separation between uses so residents, employees and visitors experience a feeling of harmony with the environment. The recreation and trails component is important to the overall campus concept providing a variety of paved and nature trails. The 5.5 miles of paved trails in the campus connect to exterior trails in the over-all Town-wide trail and Mid-County Trail systems through the Zim Smith Trail.

In addition, an extra 2.5 miles of nature trails exist in the 100 Acre Park located in the center of the campus. These trails link the paved trails and into the Town owned parkland. The trails are six feet wide with a wood chip surface and traverse the natural contours of the land. The 100 Acre Park includes trailheads, trail maps and interpretive signage.

The trails are available to the public year-round from dawn to dusk. There is no alcohol or littering allowed. Pets are allowed, leashed, on trails. All animal waste must be removed by the owner from the grounds.