Comprehensive Plan Update

Malta’s Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2005 with a vision of maintaining and promoting the high quality of life the Town’s residents enjoy and expect. Solid progress has been made in attaining such goals as providing housing, job and recreational opportunities to all segments of the population, developing a vibrant downtown area, promoting pedestrian and bicycle linkages, preserving historic, cultural and natural resources, and attracting businesses wishing to become part of our community.

In January 2019, the Town Board appointed a nine member committee to update the 2005 Comprehensive Plan. The Committee sought to obtain input from appropriate town committees, to analyze community resources and potential opportunities, and to consider the views of community members. Notes from the committee's public meetings can be found on this page. 

The 2023 Comprehensive Plan was formally adopted by the Town Board on July 10, 2023. 

Comp Plan Update Documents