Emergency Preparedness Committee


The mission of the Emergency Preparedness Committee is to assist in preventing, mitigating, responding to and recovering from emergencies and disasters.

Dealing with disasters and potential hazards is an ongoing and complex undertaking. Through implementation of risk reduction measures before a disaster or emergency occurs, timely and effective response during an actual occurrence, and provision for both short and long term recovery assistance after the occurrence of the disaster, lives can be saved and property damage minimized.

Community involvement, public education and public awareness are critical components of Malta’s emergency preparedness and planning. Malta’s Emergency Preparedness Committee provides a mechanism for community involvement.


  • Charles Weintraub, Chairperson
  • Kevin King, Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Diane Bertok (NYSERDA)
  • John Blaum
  • Ted Dellaporta (State Farm)
  • Helen Endres
  • Tim Johncox (Stewart's Shops)
  • Rick Jennings
  • Kathleen Kimball
  • Peter Klotz
  • Eric Kuhn (Chango School)
  • Gene LaDue
  • Art Lyons
  • Arlene Schmidt
  • Pete Shaw
  • Eric Kuhn
  • Maureen Whalen
  • Patrick Maswich (Saratoga Co. Sherriff)
  • James Mulligan (Global Foundries)
  • Andrew Werner (NYS police)


  • Alyssa Benway - Dir. of Human Services
  • Roger Crandall - Highway Superintendent