Brush, Leaf & Bulk Trash Collection

Leaf Pick-Up

Leaf and Grass Clippings
    County Waste has committed to continue serving our customers by providing complimentary yard waste pick-up beginning the week of April 10th, 2017. Pick up will occur on regular scheduled trash pick up day. County Waste will continue to pick up bagged yard waste during the year and will end services either the last week of November or until the first snowfall. If you would like more information about the many services provided by County Waste, please contact us at 877-7007 or visit the County Waste and Recycling website.

  • No Dirt or Rocks allowed in bags.
  • Bags should not be heavier than 40lbs
  • Leaves and grass clippings needs to be in brown paper yard waste bags.

Brush, Leaf & Bulk Trash Collection

Brush and Yard Pick-Up

Brush Pick-up Changes!

We will only be doing 1 brush pick-up in 2017.
It is scheduled for May 22nd! Have all items out by Sunday night, May 21st.

We go thru each area one time ONLY.

We do not go down private roads.

Major Storm Damage Pick-Up:

We will pick up fallen brush when there is MAJOR storm damage
. Please have them out by the road within a week of the storm using the same guidelines as the brush pick-up. Again, we will only go thru the town one time and will try to do this work after the weekend following the storm to give residents some time to bring it up to the road.

Guidelines for brush pick-up:
~ Place cut-end of branches toward the road at least 4 feet in length and under 12” in diameter.
~ Tree stumps or root balls WILL NOT BE accepted.
~ No lot clearing!

~ Anything that does not meet the above criteria will have to be disposed of by the homeowner.
If you have any further questions please call 899-2818.


Additional Information

Dead Trees In Your Yard

Whenever you have dead trees on your property it is always best to cut them down before they become a danger to your home.
If you have dead trees in your yard that could be in danger of falling onto a town road, it would be appreciated if you could have them cut down also.

Christmas Trees

We will pick up your Christmas trees until January 9th if left by the roadside. You may also bring your tree to the Highway Department and leave it by the gate.

Bulk Trash Collection
This is not being done this year!

Bulk trash collection can be expected every odd numbered year depending on budgetary constraints. These dates will be posted on our website and in our town spring newsletter along with details. If you need to dispose of items when there is not a town collection, you may contact County Waste at 877-7007 to make arrangements to have those items picked up for a nominal fee.

Thank you for your cooperation!