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Town Wide DRAFT Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (TWSEIS) 2015
The Town of Malta has prepared as a supplement to the Malta Town-Wide Generic Environmental Impact Statement (2006 TWGEIS).   The overall goal of this Supplemental GEIS is to update the growth projects, examine those resource areas impacted by growth (not previously examined) and explore any mitigation (or fee-in-lieu of) measures to avoid or minimize adverse impacts on the Town's natural and built environment.  Formal scoping was not conducted but a scoping outline was prepared under the direction of the Town Board.  

    Draft TWGEIS June 15, 2015
    ENB SEQRA Form
    Traffic Mitigation Calculation Resolution, September 4, 2012
    TWGEIS mitigation Fee Calculations Resolution #176, July 6, 2006
    Combined Figures
    Individual Figures:
    C-2 Malta Parks Estimate, March 2015
    C-1 Rec Department revenue memo January 2015
    B-1 Developer Meetings January 2014
    A-2 Malta 2006 GEIS Findings Statement
    A-1 Malta SEIS Scoping Outline Circulated November 2013
    1.1-1 Regional Location Map
    1.1-2 Study Area Map
    1.2-1 Constrained Areas Map
    1.2-2 Zoning Map
    1.2-3 Buildout Map
    1.2-4 Distribution of Residential Growth Map
    1.2-5 Distribution of Commercial Growth Map
    2.1-1 Existing Recreation Facilities
    2.2-1 Open Space Resources
    2.3-1 Study Area Intersections
    2.3-2 A.B.C Peak Hour Existing Volumes
    2.3-3 A.B.C Peak Hour 2024 Base Volumes
    2.3-4 A.B.C Low Growth 2024 Total Trips
    2.3-5 A.B.C High Growth 2024 Total Trips
    2.3-6 A.B.C Low Growth 2024 Build Volumes
    2.3-7 A.B.C High Growth 2024 Build Volumes
    2.3-8 A.B.C Existing LOS
    2.3-9 A.B.C Low Growth 2024 LOS
    2.3-10 A.B.C High Growth 2024 LOS
    2.4-1 Existing Water Service Areas
    2.4-2 Existing Sewer Service Areas