Zoning Board of Appeals


  • Raymond Liuzzo, Chairman
  • Robert Bush
  • Guy Cervera
  • Warren Cressman
  • Tim Larson
  • Leo Martin
  • Virginia Whitman
  • Mike Williams (Alternate)
  • Stanley Wilock (Alternate)
  • Phyllis Mullany, Secretary
  • Leah Everhart, ZBA Attorney


The Malta Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) is a seven member citizen board appointed by the Town Board with five-year staggered terms. State regulations require a community to have a Zoning Board of Appeals to review the following types of requests for waivers from any of the regulations in the zoning ordinances:
  • Area Variances: the ZBA reviews requests for dimensional relief from existing regulation
  • relating to building setbacks, building heights, etc.
  • Interpretations: the ZBA reviews requests for interpretation of the regulations in the zoning ordinance made by the Town's Zoning / Code Enforcement Officer.
  • Use Variances: the ZBA reviews requests for relief from existing regulation for changes in density and uses not permitted by current zoning.
Applications to the Zoning Board of Appeals are available on line or in the Town's Building & Planning Department. For additional information contact Phyllis Mullany, ZBA Secretary, at 518-899-2685.

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date Deadline for Submissions
January 3, 2017 December 5, 2016
February 7
January 9, 2017
February 6
April 4
March 6
May 2
April 3
June 6
May 8
July 5
June 5
August 1
July 10
September 5
August 7
October 3
September 1
November 7 (Election Day) October 2
December 4
November 6
January 2, 2018
December 4, 2017

*All deadlines and meeting dates are subject to change