Malta Community Garden

commGarden.jpgMalta Community Garden founded in March 2015, is an area set aside for the residents of Malta to garden in a site that provides sun, fertile soil, and community. So many residents today pass each other and never converse with each other. The Garden brings people of similar interests together and cures that desire to "get back to their roots". Most of our parents or grandparents had gardens. Now we don't have the space the sun or the desire to work the land. The garden provides workable soil, convenient water, and other people who enjoy the same thing.
The garden is a collective of over (50) 10 x 12 ft. plots, rented for $20 each season and a commitment to volunteer for at least 2 hours for each plot rented. Volunteer duties range from Spring and Fall cleanup to committee duties to constructing a shed or planting and maintaining the food pantry plot. Anyone whether or not they are a gardener can volunteer.

The Town Clerks Office will be accepting plot registration and payments (cash or check) for 2021 season
April 15, 2021 for residents and May 1, 2021 for non-residents

Malta Community Garden 2021 Handbook

2021 Garden Plot Registration Form

2021 Release of all Claims Form

Social Distancing Procedures for the Town of Malta Outdoor Spaces

 Plots tend to go fast in the good weather. Contact Jennifer Holmes at Malta Town Hall, 2540 Route 9, Town Clerks Office, Malta New York 12020.   Payments may be made in cash or check (Made out to: The Town of Malta).