Current Development Projects & Planning News

As new development occurs in the Town, the Planning Department is striving to keep residents informed about the growth in our Town. The department will periodically post information about new projects on this page.

Development News

Adirondack Aquatic Center
The applicant is proposing to development an aquatic recreation facility including outdoor and indoor recreation/competition pools, therapeutic pool, small pool retail, locker rooms, fitness room, café and office. The aquatic center will be located at the corner of Route 67 and State Farm Place.

Cramer Road North, Subdivision (aka Malta Springs)
The 78.7 acre site located at the corner of Route 9 and Cramer Road North consists of 1 commercial lot and 76 Townhomes. The Townhomes will be constructed by Barbera Homes. Construction has begun.

Kelch Drive 
Windsor Development has proposed a two-phase commercial and multifamily project.  Phase I consists of two (2)-single-story shopfront buildings; four-mixed use shopfront buildings and one hotel.  Phase II consists is proposed for 11 apartment buildings (total of 304 units).  Location:  Route 67 and Kelch Drive.

Maple Forest, Subdivision
The subdivision consists of 17 single family residence (16 new and 1 existing). The subdivision is located at 106 Longkill Road. Homes will be constructed by D. Herbinger Construction. Construction has begun.

Park Place at Malta
Lecmor Multifamily, LLC will construct 511 +/- multifamily rental apartments to be over two Phases on the 41.57 acre site of Park Place at Malta, Landau Boulevard. The site is located within the Form Based Code zone RA-3. Phase I will consist of 268 units in two and three-story buildings, Phase II will consist of the remaining 243 +/- units in two and three-story buildings. The proposed buildings consist of carriage, high density and townhouses. Phase I construction has begun.

Shecky Development (aka Curry Plaza)
This project has been approved for 47 single-family residential lots and 2 commercial lots located at 2347 Route 9. The single family homes will be constructed by Abele Builders. There are no plans for commercial development at this time.

Luther Forest Technology Campus (LFTC) PDD No. 46 Amendment 2015

The Town Board adopted the amendment on October 5, 2015.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and LFTC EDC are proposing to amend the Malta and Stillwater Planned Development District (PDD) legislation for the Luther Forest Technology Campus (LFTC) as follows:
  • Expand the descriptions of some ancillary uses (campus commercial, community uses, conference center, nanotechnology manufacturing support businesses) and include two new proposed uses (research and development facilities, technology and light industrial)
  • Expand permitted uses within other development areas with in the PDD to allow for flexibility in development
  • Permit PILOT agreements
  • Enable soil disturbing and site work activities prior to site plan applications
  • Enable subdivision approval prior to site plan approval
  • Set “Development Fee” structure in lieu of a development agreement
  • Adjust noise monitoring levels and locations
  • Set calculations and payment due dates for open space and recreation fees
LFTC PDD Amendment Documents: