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As per Town of Malta Code of Ethics, Appendix C of the Town of Malta Town Manual (dated December 6, 2010)

11-1 Purpose; Establishment of Ethics Committee. 

(a) Purpose: Officers and employees of the Town of Malta have an obligation to serve and benefit the public, and not to pursue or obtain personal or private gain in the exercise and performance of their official powers and duties, other than as provided by law, contract or resolution of the Town Board of the Town of Malta. Officers and employees shall strive to pursue the best interest of the Town of Malta, act within the limits of their positional authorities and deal forthrightly and constructively with the public and each other. Officers and employees shall not knowingly exercise undue influence, or knowingly make use of misleading or untrue information in the course of their official duties. The Town Board recognizes that, in furtherance of these fundamental principles, there is a need for clear and reasonable standards of ethical conduct. This local law establishes those standards.

(b) Establishment of Ethics Committee. An Ethics Committee of seven persons is established, and shall continue until such time as this local law is repealed or amended to provide otherwise. The terms of the members of this Committee shall be three years, except that the first members appointed here under shall serve staggered terms as set forth by resolution of the Town Board, with three members being appointed for three years, two members appointed for two years, and two members appointed for one year. In the event the Town Board fails to appoint a person to take an expired appointment, the person whose membership has expired shall continue to be a member of the Committee until the Town Board appoints a person to replace such member. In the event of the death, resignation or inability to serve of a member of the Committee, the Town Board shall appoint a person to complete the remaining term within sixty (60) days. The members of the Ethics Committee shall be deemed officers of the Town of Malta, and shall execute an oath of office at the commencement of their respective terms.

Malta Town Code Ethics Procedure

Gary Jones, Chair
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Please submit form to to the Chair of the Ethics Committee for complaints to be considered. Flow Chart for Complaint Form