Marriage Licenses

Obtaining a Marriage License...

You need an appointment to receive a marriage license, however this office is unable to issue them after 4:30 PM.

In order to obtain a marriage licence/affidavit you and your partner must each bring in two of the following. An original Birth Certificate is required. 
  • A Valid Driver's License
  • A Valid Passport
  • Birth Certificate- original required (or baptismal certificate) 
  • Photo work I.D.
*If Applicable: Please bring in a record of ALL divorces, annulments, and death certificates of previous marriages.

**The cost for the license is $40.00.

***There is a 24 hour waiting period between when you obtain the marriage license and when you can get married and you must get married within 60 days of getting the license or come in and re-apply.

After the license is returned to the Town Clerks office you should receive your marriage certificate in the mail within two weeks. If you do not please call us at 518-899-2552.