Town Clerk

About the Town Clerk

The Town Clerk's office is considered the hub of the municipality, providing many services to assist the public. The Town Clerk's office provides 2 Public Notaries, Handicap Car Registrations, Vendor Permits, Voter Registration Information, Liquor Licenses and even offers Town Clerk By Appointment for those residents who need services outside of regular business hours.

  Hours  Monday-Friday  8 AM- 5 PM
Town Clerk 
Jennifer Holmes
Please note: Marriage Licenses are issued each day from 8:30am to 4:30pm, or by appointment. Please Call 518-899-2552 for appointments.

 Support Staff:
  Town Clerk   - Jennifer Holmes
  Deputy Town Clerk- Angela Koenig

About the Office

The Town of Malta has an elected Town Clerk who is elected by the public, every two years. The Town Clerk is responsible for presiding at Town Board meetings and keeping the official records of the Town. The Town Clerk is also responsible for the records and archiving all records of the Town.

Town Clerk's Office provides: